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Dishita Ranpara
Online Reading


hi! Kavya it was nice experience. Somehow and somewhere it's related to my thought process.the session was so positive have never felt before. Hope we again catch up soon.

Saloni Jaiswal
Online Reading



Whenever in problem my first go to person has always been Kavya di. Things become easier to deal with after her guidance. Shouvik ji and Kavya di have tried there best to deliver the message from the divine. I feel so blessed to be under ur guidance.
Thank you so much 🙏

Divya Chopra
Online Reading



The readings were quite accurate n the reasoning ws to the point... thank u dear for enlightening n showing the right path...indeed grateful...thanks again..!!

Tanvi Prasad
Automatic Writing Experience



Thank you Kavya for this lovely session.. I had so many questions related to myself you have helped me to find its way.

Neha Goenka
Online Reading



Sometimes in life we are stuck and we want answers... And suddenly .. the divine send angels and makes things clear for u.. though the journey is ours but it becomes easier wen we get guidance from the divine..thanks kavya.. the session was so smooth.. lots of dilemas were solved.. somewhere where I needed comfort and love and assurance. .. i was assured i was loved and protected.....i was assured my path is correct and I can move forward.my coach was very clear in delivering my messages..
Neha goenka

Aishwarya Rathi
Automatic Writing Experience



I have experienced the automatic writing session for the very first time so was very anxious about it…but when the session started with my reader Souvikji it was like all the answers to what was going in my head were already written right there….some of the things for which i had only been thinking some time before and had confusions regarding the same there was an answer to it..it was such an amazing experience and knowing you is such a blessing..Thank you Kavya and team for the session 🙏🏻

Puja Agarwal
Automatic Writing Experience



Sometimes when you are lost you need someone to show you the way, that is what Kavya has been for me. I had a automatic writing session, and the opening sentence blew my mind. It was true to the T.

I am so grateful for having met her in this lifetime and for all the lives she is changing. Someday I wish to serve mankind too. Someday I wish to do good for others too.

Thank you for the wonderful session. My reader Souvik Ji gave me a very crisp yet detailed reading. Thank you. Eternally Grateful

bubbly sarma
Online Reading



Talking to ma'am made me feel so light. I'm looking forward for many more sessions in future. The facts stated were so much accurate. I am speechless at the messages that i recieved through her from the people i wanted to recieve.
Words can't actually describe my feelings right now. I'm happy.

Akshay Narshi
Psychic Reading



Great person, answered all my questions. Kavya is not a fraud. She is gifted.

Arpita Punamia
Tarot Reading Course



She is a beautiful soul and knowing her is a blessing 💫

Amitt Janjani
Mediumship, Psychic Reading



Sagar Jungade
Psychic Reading, Tarot


It was one of the fantastic experience !!
You will get the best clarity about life and guidance !
Most of the time we wonder or hesitate or blocked in our decision and on our way.
Mostly its related to our own energies when being affected and that's where deep root cause need to done and Kavya has helped me in every aspect and helped me out to ease of the life ..

The products i used and ordered are Camphor and sprays which are really really fabulous with energies !! But individual should also willing to accept new changes and should have strong will power as well to accept new life !! Because it's a two way process.
I felt too good and relaxed after using the gifts ordered from Kavya 😀

Thank you so much 💓

I always seek answers from Kavya when I need to know most !!

Anushree Karwa
Psychic Reading


It was a wonderful experience and thank you very much for the guidance given to me

Anita Agarwal
Automatic Writing Course


Automatic Writing course with Kavya Ma'am was a spiritual awakening journey for me. She guided me patiently and helped me gain confidence. Also she made me practice enough and was very cooperative. Because of her I can connect to my guides and ask for guidance whenever needed.I am grateful to her for being the guiding force in my life. She is an amazing person with a vibe which brings positivity the moment you talk to her.

Nidhi Jain


It was a beautiful experience. KaVya is very calm and giving I could feel so many things connected with me.Please do connect with her,for a truthfull and a pure experience. Thank u kavya for making my life simpler. 🥰🥰

Shammi Bhagat


It was an overwhelming experience to hear from our near and dear ones from spirit world. My Grandfather father appeared, father in law remembered they guided me to handle my life. I feel relaxed.

Shikha Arora
Qhht session



Dipika Gupta
Qhht session


It was a wonderful session and Kavya di has done it amazingly. I will suggest everyone to try qhht session from Kavya di. She is an angel. Thanq for such a great experience 🙏🏻

Saloni Jaiswal
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session


Today I had a QHHT session with Kavya di.. I must say that it really helped me to discover myself from my higher self.. I was unaware of the fact that I have always been guided and protected by my subconscious self but never took it seriously.. After today’s session I’ve realized where I have been going wrong in my life and what I should be doing.. Thank you Kavya di for introducing me to myself..

Vinay Kumar
Online Reading


My session with Kavya, was really good, the kind of inputs and direction she provided to me is really helpful, I feel much relaxed and focused. Thanks Kavya for your support....

Rashmika Das
Online Reading


Every single time I have a session, I feel a step closer to my spiritual guides. It is a feeling of wholeness, of understanding what life truly is. Thank you Kavya, for sharing your gifts and for guiding us.

Khushboo Betala


I only want to say that kavya's reading was Just wow ausum she is great her reading was 💯 True I must say I felt lucky that God gv a such beautifull friend aa guider reader I want to say thank you so much 🥰💕 for guidance support and every thing luv u dear thank you God 🙏 that u gv me friend like Kavya

Rashmi nath
Online Reading


Kavya Jaiswal has a strong connection with the other world and her tarot card readings are also very accurate I recommend her strongly if you want to be on the right path

Deepakshi Gusain
Mediumship, Psychic Reading


Kavya has helped me overcome my most painful and difficult time through her medium reading when I lost my daughter. Since than she has continuously guided me. My best wishes are always with her.🙏

Karthikeyan Palanisamy
Online Reading, Automatic Writing, Psychic Reading, Tarot Reading


Kaavya mam is the one of the finest soul whom i have come across. Every time i seek her help, she has been very kind and super patience in answering. Very few people who has talent and patience together. She is one of those. If you are looking for any of the psychic, medium or tarot reading, go for her. I am sure that you will never regret for the resources that you spent.

Aayushi Bargotra
Automatic Writing ,Tarot, Psychic Reading


Have taken more than one session from her and she's truly remarkable at what she does. Being able to connect and resonate with her readings is what makes me her avid viewer on youtube and instagram where she comes up with many free readings and lives as well. Most of my life's bothersome and concerned situations have annihilated because of her guidance and sharing the roots of the problems/issues. So, if you're looking for someone to help you or to provide you with answers pertaining to any situation of life then this is really the right place for you. Thanks a lot! May god bless you Kavya mam.

Meryl Castelino
Automatic Writing


Readings are always to the point .. seems quite correct for me. Moreover, she is quite active on social media too which makes her accessible....

Babita Seth


A very warm, true, and overwhelming experience.

Srishti Vyas


Hi all,

To begin with my faith in this universe was restored by Someone whom i call my angel. Yes thats Kavya. Shattered and torn emotionally after my father’s demise if there was love nd light coming my way that was due to Kavya. She, her aura her thought process defines purity and genuinety in its best form.i had a spirit mediumship session with her and immediately i was confirmed that the lady i am dealing with here is a God gifted child. I call her my guru. She guides me like no other. She has helped me immensely to pace up with my grief. She has made things easy for me. Breathable. I was lost you found me. And honestly i cant write much am so overwhelmed to right now. You are sheer love Mam. ❤️💫

Jijnasa Shubhadarshinee


I found my session with Kavya to be really enlightening, a lot of it made sense to me. I recommend her!


Rohiit T
Online Reading


She is very advanced in knowledge ! Such a lovely person. I never thought that the session would go so well. She can tap into your energies very quickly....thank you so much Kavya you are very professional and benevolent.

Bhakti Papaiya


Attended veil webninar cleared my questions abt life and life after death. Mam patiently answering my never ending questions gave me a space to be curious and keep questioning . the video she showed at the end was rare and validating a lot of concept she shared. the whole webinar was start to end worth every moment spent . thank you so much for the expierence

Sarika Poddar


Very Very strongly and blindly recommended.

One of my friend recommended me about Kavya Mam, when I was in big problem ,confusion and trauma. I really felt lucky and blessed to talk to her in just one session. Got many of my answers and guidance.

After one session I made my entire family reading done and all were benefited.

Anyone who is facing any sort of confusion or suffering from mental / physical problem , should defintely contact Kavya Mam once . Trust you will know the difference.

Kavya Mam , is simply amazing. I found her very trustworthy, generous, helpful.

Thank you much Kavya Mam for your guidance ,blessings and help .🙏

Susan Gemayel


I highly recommend Kavya, she was very insightful and provided much needed spiritual guidance. I've had many readings over the years, but none like this. She was specific and straight to the point. She read me like an open book even though I live in a different country. Thank you Kavya.

Parul Rawat


Dear Kavya, thank you for taking the time out.. nothing gives us more peace than knowing our loved ones on the other side are doing fine and are always looking out for us! Thank you again.. xx

Shubh Badola


This is my 3 rd reading....n everything till now has been accurate...her readings r just like taking one step forward n life n advance ..bcuz u know what's the future..tnx..Kavya ji.

Rohit Jaiswal


Madam ur approach towards the issue we discussed and the remedy given is absolute and has started showing its impact in the desired form. The result and experience is truly amazing .
Looking forward for ur more support and guidance.

Abhishek Mishra


I had a wonderful session with Kavya. I wont be able to go into the details for obvious reasons, but im happy with her readings and much relieved hearing about certain things she said. May God bless her with abundance and much more love from everyone around her.

Vijaya Sreekanta


It was an amazing session with Kavya. I had not told her who I wanted to connect to. She connected me to my guru, Sai baba, and told me he was the one I wanted to connect to. I am still in euphoria that I was able to get messages from him. Thank you, Kavya and God bless you.

Kaveri Banikya
Google Review


Kavya Ma’am is a Gem of a person who tries to give the best to you and does her best to help you come out of the darkness of life through her readings and by providing remedies which would work for your benefit...She invests proper time while doing the readings for you.I have been benefitted by her service and I am going to be in touch with her forever.
She also has a very genuine and caring attitude towards her clients and that attribute of her has really won my heart...
I would urge everyone who is in need please get in touch with her🙏🙏🙏
God bless everyone🙏🙏

Meenakshi Vasisht
Google Review


I have know Kavya since last 2 years now. I have have consulted her a number of times. She has been always ready to help. Through her I got in touch with my Mother in spirit world and Kavya has been a medium to give me her messages. May she stay blessed.

Amita Jethani
Google Review


Kavya Ma'am, my mentor...
I really feel grateful that I happen to meet Kavya Ma'am.
It was a divine timing
Her way of teaching is totally different,
Also she provides with immense practice
I would highly recommend her to anyone learning automatic writing.
She always helped me and is always helping me even when after completion of course.

Shilpi Sachdev
Google Review


I have had many experiences with Kavya Di in different sessions. Before the pandemic hit, I have also had the fortune of getting a mediumship reading from her in person. The experience was beyond what I can explain in words. The aura and the energy of that place will instantly give you peace and tranquillity. I have also attended many of her Insta and Facebook Live sessions where she gives guidance for free. And today I had the opportunity to sit for a Life Purpose reading. So much of synchronicity between what she was guided to tell me and what is already happening in my life or is on my mind. No mismatch at all. Thanks alot Di. Thank u for being the guiding star 🌟

Karthikeyan Palanisamy
Google Review


Kaavya mam is the one of the finest soul whom i have come across.
Every time i seek her help, she has been very kind and super patience in answering. Very few people who has talent and patience together. She is one of those.
If you are looking for any of the psychic, medium or tarot reading, go for her. I am sure that you will never regret for the resources that you spent.

Nikunj Poddar
Facebook Review


Thank you Kavya Mam for such an amazing experience of AW with Venna G.  Was surprised to hear about my exact past incident and emotional imbalance. It was lovely talking to Veena ji. She also openly shared her experience and was very generous. Venna G is fabulous soul and was very happy talking to her.  Heartfelt gratitude to you and Venna G.
Thank you once again .

Raghul Kumar
Facebook Review


My Automatic writing session with Divya was good as she gave a lot of accurate information about me. My best wishes to her and for Kavya ma'am for facilitating this..🙂

Srishti Agarwal
Facebook Review


I would like to thank you for the automatic writing session which was very fruitful.The current scenarios of my life were very much accurate. The kind of guidance I have received through this session was very motivating. Looking forward to getting such insightful guidance in future.

Sagar Jungade
Facebook Review


Session was too helpful to guide the life and to understand the core reasons of current situation. Session made me calm , rethink about my mistakes, rethink about my learnings.. and guided me the best path.. Thank you so much Kavya..🙏🙏🙏🌈

Veena Devadiga Gujral
Facebook Review


Glad to recommend this course to any and every one who has remotest inclination towards Angelic & Spiritual realms. The course is worth the charges,. Especially, post session support and guidance is awesome. Personally, I have had a great experience which enticed me to further learn other modalities like tarot, runes etc..

Sanchita Agarwal
Facebook Review


My automatic session with Amita was amazing. She was able to find out what's going in my mind and provide me answers to my queries. I truly recommend !!

Anurag Khaitan


I would like to thank Kavya ji for the automatic writing session arranged for me. I am definitely going to follow the recommendations given in the session. Keep up the good work ma'am. Thanks once again.

Shristi Sarada


I had an amazing Automatic Writing session. Can't thank enough for such accurate readings which I have received. Each and every information was correct. Lookingforward to more such sessions.

Saloni Gupta


Thank you so much Kavya di for arranging the automatic writing session for me. It was an accurate reading and i had an amazing experience going back to my past life. Definitely looking forward for the guidance done for my future. It was very helpful.

Swati Rastogi


I had an amazing Automatic Writing session with Alok Ji. Thank you for such accurate readings which I have received. Each and all the information was correct. Looking forward to the guidance done for my future.