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Akashic Reading


When I tune into the finer realms for you, I have access to your Book of Life. The Book of Life contains all the facets and aspects that you have dealt with, and are dealing with and those that you are about to step into. This book enables you to peer deeper into your soul's journey and find out where you are coming from and where you are about to go. It empowers you to learn the hidden and the most obvious aspects of your soul that have been eluding you. 


It does not make decisions or choices for you. what it can do is give you glimpses of the possibilities that you lead you somewhere. you can ask how you can change your life for the better but you will also have to be the one to make those amends or take action. It will impart you in-depth knowledge on everything you are genuinely seeking. Once you bathe in the richness of its energy you will feel the impact of spiritual evolution almost immediately.


An Akashic reading is a high-vibe connection that requires no human preparation but that which your soul has done over time in the body and that brings you to it. If you are drawn to this reading then you are ready to connect with your Akashic Records. Welcome aboard!

Session duration upto 60 mins EE 15000