The Power Of Chanting Mantras


by Kavya Jaiswal | November 21, 2022

1)What is a mantra?

Simply put, a mantra is a sacred Sanskrit syllable or phrase that is repeated over and over again for a powerful effect. Mantras are used in many spiritual traditions, but they originated in Tantric lore and ancient Vedic scriptures. They continue to be used in India today.

Aum is the source of all mantras (also known as the Pranava mantra) (or Om). This root syllable represents the fundamental unity of existence and four states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and transcendental. Aum is used at the beginning and end of many mantra chants.


Q2) What are the benefits of chanting mantras?

When you recite a mantra with intention, the meaning and force behind it enter your subconscious and help you comprehend the interconnected nature of everything.

Mantras can also have a significant impact on how we live our daily lives.

For instance, a 2012 Indian study discovered that mantras can positively affect behaviour. 

Young male hockey players who regularly practised mantra chanting outperformed their non-chanting contemporaries and maintained greater hydration levels, according to the study. 

All participants had received training on the advantages of being hydrated, but the chanters were better at using that knowledge.

The study's chanters confirmed what practitioners of mantra have known for thousands of years: mantra has the ability to reduce anxiety and evoke positive emotions. 

Mantra chanting is thought to produce sound vibrations that stimulate and balance the chakras (energy centres of the body).

Some mantras, like the bija or seed mantras, especially focus on particular chakras. 

Mantra chanting is thought by many practitioners to have healing properties. 

Mantra chanting is a regular practice that opens up the Nadi system, also known as the pathways in our bodies through which prana, or life force, flows. 

Mantra chanting has been demonstrated to calm the central nervous system in terms of western medicine, and there is even some evidence that it may strengthen the immune system.

Q3 ) What happens to your body when you chant mantras?

Many of the same advantages apply whether you use mantra meditation or another technique, including:

  • a better understanding of oneself
  • Increased attention, 
  • Focus is enhanced, 
  • meditation goals are reinforced, 
  • there are changes in the brain, 
  • there is better control over the breath, 
  • and there is less tension. 
  • There is also a higher sense of peace, self-compassion, and compassion for others.

Q4) If you have trouble meditating? Try this.

Consider a mantra, which is a word or phrase you repeat aloud as you meditate, as a technique to aid with mental relaxation. It can significantly alter your experience, particularly if you have difficulties focusing or finding the correct attitude.

Many people discover that reciting a mantra may increase awareness and sharpen their focus. It may enhance your benefits from meditation because it keeps you focused.

Q5) How to mantra chant?

Sanskrit was designed as a sacred language that imitated the sounds and shapes of nature. As a result, proper mantra pronunciation is crucial. Thanks to the internet, you can hear mantra recitations that will correct your pronunciation if you cannot learn it from a personal spiritual teacher.

To obtain a Siddha mantra, which can aid in achieving the highest objective of human life, Self-realization, you would ideally need to go through an initiation process or Diksha.

You must approach mantra chanting with an intention and understanding of the mantra you are working with, rather than mindlessly repeating sounds as if they have no meaning since this is much more crucial than having excellent pronunciation. In Sanskrit, this is referred to as ideation or bhava. Since strong ideation is founded on the axiom "as you think so you become," it is crucial for practitioners to realise the significance of the mantra in order to reach the level of realisation.

Sit comfortably in order to get in the right state for mantra chanting. Before you start, perform some purifying breath exercises (pranayama), and place your hands in the pose of prayer at your chest.


Start chanting your mantra in a deep, resonant voice. During your chanting, you are welcome to use mala (prayer) beads. You touch a mala bead with each mantra recitation until all 108 beads have been touched. Once finished, begin again at the first bead. You are allowed to practise for as long as you like.

Try group mantra chanting for a more profound experience. An exponential effect results from the addition of multiple voices.

You might start experiencing the advantages of a mantra after just one session. Start learning about mantra chanting today if you're prepared to develop a stronger sense of connection to the divine and broaden your consciousness.

Let 'em go


by Kavya Jaiswal | September 6, 2021

  ..and then I chose to move on. The rest is history.


DON’T wait for approval from people.
DO what enriches and heals your soul.

Often times you are not sure about the next steps you are going to take. Who you seek approval from makes a difference. That is because they can only tell you what they have learned. That may not be a part of your lesson. Those who you seek approval from may not be sure about a lot of things in their own path. How can they help you? Everybody feels lost at some point in life. Isn't that just human? To think someone else is above you is giving your power away.

Do what you think will nourish your soul and the world will catch up.  Remember, they fear what they know little about.  Show them that it can be done and then you become the example they proudly discuss with others.


I believe in being a pioneer, not a follower. If everybody did the same thing how would we have the world that we are a part of and the one we are stepping into. It's called EVOLUTION and it starts with you.

Do you believe in being a follower or a pioneer? 


Just a dream ??


by Kavya Jaiswal | August 17, 2021



Who would have thought that what began as a usual day would turn into 
an enriching experience towards the end?

"I have so many questions that I do not know where to begin..ok..let me start by asking you 
about my spirit guides and protectors", said Alana. 

Alana had sought several readings from me and my team in the past and knew that she needed one again.
She had been bothered by the vivid dreams that she had been seeing of late and they remained with her like a bee to honey.

In one of those dreams, she had seen herself rise out of body and float 
away and had felt terribly scared that she had died that night. 
Was it just a dream then??..

She wanted reassurance that she was safe and not alone. She had heard about spirit guides and angels but did not know how to 
find out who her's were.

My student began writing for her. " I see two light beings very close to you.
One of them is your grandmother. The other...", and then she stopped to look up at Alana.   

Alana asked, "Who is the other one?" 

My student spoke hesitatingly, "I see... Shiva".
Alana, who does not hail from India, could not exude the faintest idea to her session's writer that she had a strong faith in Lord Shiva.

What got my student thinking before revealing it to her was that could a person from different culture have a protector outside of her faith?
Alana:- "So, he finally decides to show up".
My student did not expect that answer and felt somewhat surprised.

Alana said that she had a strong connection to India since her mother was Indian and that Shiva was ingrained in her heart forever.
As a little girl, his pictures and visits to the temple had made a strong impression on her. 

Learning about two different religions - Hinduism and Christianity- had given her a broader exposure and enough to keep a child's jumpy mind busy. As a young lady in her thirties now, she often pondered and wondered whether 
Lord Shiva and Archangel Michael were the same who were referred to by different names in two different religions. 

She wanted to find out what happened that night when she saw herself out of the body.
My student wrote: She saw herself travelling out of the body which was one of the many experiences she has had.
She will have frequent astral travels in the near future. Her psychic gifts are beginning to unfold now.
She will also have information on things she has not heard of or read in her conscious state. 
Her soul's gifts/talents have a lot to do with changing the energy structure around people for good"

She had many mundane questions to ask before the writing session began but the revelations had left her looking forward to life. 
Life as she knew it was about to change forever.

Who would have thought that an automatic writing session can reveal so much? 
Did she reach out for this session or was she guided by one of her guides and protectors to learn about herself now? 
I gathered that it was time for her to understand her life better. While she had had many such experiences before but not remembered any, 
this time she was allowed a sneak peek to stir up her curiosity.

Mysterious are the ways in which we may be woken up to our soul's talents and life purpose.

A new door had just opened for her. 

Who are they?


by Kavya Jaiswal | August 6, 2021

"I want to find out why I am here?"

Shantanu(name changed) sounded nervous rather a bit agitated when he uttered those words. 

"I have been restless for a while now and I cannot put a finger on it. Can you help?"

The young man sounded hassled as he tried to figure out if I was the person he was looking for on the other side of the phone.

After a short discussion, he knew he had to do something to get over the jittery feeling. 

What began as a life purpose reading left him in awe of why he had chosen a life in the present body. 

He had chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time to create mass awakening. He added, "I Know". How?? 
He has been answering his passion for working in the IT industry for a while now.
What did not make sense to him was that he wanted to go abroad and study further to upgrade his skills, 
as also disclosed to him in this reading, but delays would not stop tailing him. What was causing these delays? 
Feeling confused and demotivated, he wanted to know if he should quit. The guides were quick to give him the name of the city where his life purpose would unfold. 
Astonishingly, he had already applied to a University there but was in two minds about joining it.
They also let him know that after reaching Massachusetts there would be no looking back. 

He would also find his soulmate there and together they will be seen as a power couple.
The purpose that he has chosen to work on will gain stronger grounds and show remarkable results once they meet.

This was not it. 

I could see two entities, both benign, close in his aura. Just then he inquired, "Do you see something else or someone around me?"

Yes, indeed. There were two highly evolved beings around him who wanted to help him along his chosen path. One of those came from the seventh dimension to assist him because the task chosen by him to awaken the masses is a humongous one.

This entity revealed to him information that no person in their conscious mind would believe. His soul was fragmented into many parts. One of those was the sitter seeking this reading. Another part was in the ethers acting as an extension of him trying to connect with him intuitively to guide him.

Hold your breath.
There was yet another part of him that was on board a mothercraft (Space ship) handling high-end logistics from there. 
He was concerned about the plight of Earth as an Extra-Terrestrial and wanted to help from inside the system.
Well, this cleared his leaning towards the field of Information & Technology and excelling there. His profession would give voice to millions in the next few years. 

I had no doubts about all that I was receiving and conveying to him when he revealed that he had often known he had wanted to connect with his family in the fifth dimension, 
but that someone from the seventh dimension is already a part of his journey overwhelmed him with joy and surprise. 
At the time of this information coming forth, our video connection began to act up. 
I knew that this wasn't an ordinary reading. 

When beings from higher planes of existence try to communicate with us they can often cause manipulation in the radio waves around us
thus disrupting telephonic lines, electrical gadgets, sound boxes, etc. 

Towards the end of the reading, he disclosed how he had always maintained dream journals about his weird dreams because he could not find logical explanations for them after waking up. 
He knew that something was amiss.
And that was not a part of the usual. 
This higher being also shared ways in which Shantanu would be able to receive guidance from it in his conscious state.
I am amused at the level of work one can choose to incarnate on Earth for and also receive help from higher beings part of the state of pure consciousness. 
This is a remarkable example of how concerned those in the higher dimensions are about Earth and its children's growth. 
They choose to guide us unconditionally so that we can rise to their levels.

Look at us. We have little time to think about the betterment of the community let alone think about creating a better world. 
There is a debt we owe to Gaia. Each one of us must work to repay this debt before we return to the source.
If not now then we keep returning until a balance in karma is achieved.   

I came out feeling enriched with more knowledge than I had had few minutes before the session.
I feel so blessed after such a reading that to call them just readings seems an understatement. 


All About Intuition


by Kavya Jaiswal | July 14, 2021

What is intuition?

It is that form of knowledge which is delivered in the conscious mind without preparation or deliberation. Some people would like to believe that this is magical but it is not. It is, in fact, a faculty wherein the instincts are given birth to by the unconscious mind quickly looking through what has already chanced in life (the past) and all that knowledge which has become a part of cumulative experience.

Intuition is also popularly known as ‘gut feelings’. It surfaces spontaneously and is not often being sought when it is brought to the fore. In other words, intuition arises freely and is away from conscious or calculated information processed by the mind.

How can you improve your Intuition?

  1. Meditate

Messages that come from the intuition are subtle so the more you can learn to quieten your mind the better you are able to hear this information. Sitting in silence also helps in the interpretation of this message well.

  1. The Five Senses as your guide

Carefully notice everything that the five senses make known to you. This way the sensitivity to the sixth sense is strengthened.

  1. Dreams

Dreams are an important gateway for the messages to be delivered to you. While in sleep, the interference from the conscious mind is absent it provides a greater ground for the messages to be delivered to you. The cognitive mind is a part of the conscious mind and when you are sleeping this part is out of the way, that can and does interfere with the messages from the subconscious, the messages are allowed to come in the form of dreams.

  1. Creativity

Doing creative things help the right brain to develop faster. Some of the creative activities that you do regularly or often gets you out of the way and allows for the information from the subconscious to free flow to you. Some examples are drawing, painting, journaling, gardening etc. Such activities quieten the chatter of the cognitive mind and foster the growth of the intuitive self.

  1. Tarot / Oracle Cards

Enhance your intuition by learning to use Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards. When you pay attention to the signs and symbols in the deck you allow the subconscious memory to kick in and give you an answer for what you have asked the cards. Try to interpret the messages before reaching out for the guidebook and see how well you are doing. You can also learn tarot card reading and go forward to read any deck later on.

  1. Test

If you are getting a nagging feeling about a relationship then test it using your intuition. “Is my boyfriend cheating on me”, then keep your eyes and ears open. “Should I take my ex back” ask your gut what it has to say about that. The guidance may be related to any area of life. Test the message by looking deeper into the subject in your real life.

  1. Body GPS

Your body carries a fabulous inbuilt GPS system which gives you feelings when something feels right or not. Pay attention to any headaches, palpitations, anxiety, stomach rumblings and more before you are about to make a decision or go somewhere. This is more active when you meet a person you are not supposed to be around or are about to go somewhere you must not. 

  1. Nature Therapy

Being in nature helps to get you away from a routine and bring the focus more to yourself than any distraction around you. When you are better attuned to your inner being then your intuition is of greater help to you then.

  1. Don’t resist

When you are reluctant to accept the messages coming to you in the form of intuition then you are allowing the cognitive mind to get in the way. Lesser reliance on the gut feelings tends to shut this side down or make it dormant until you realize what has happened and begin to work on it again. Get the reluctance to accept a message that may not make immediate sense to you out of the way.

  1. Think less and feel more

The more you rely on your feelings the lesser dependence there is on conscious thinking. This is one significant way to develop your intuition. Remember the last time you felt wrong about something and it turned out to be true? Trust is the key here.

Welcome to Kavya Jaiswal Blog


by Kavya Jaiswal | July 10, 2021

Apart from the encounters with the Spirit world, the ability to also see Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Gurus, God’s and Goddesses in the energy field of those who come to me for a reading has brought them closer to their spiritual side with the messages their Guides in the Higher Realms have to share with them. I have been offering psychic readings to people which have helped them tide over many difficult situations in life. Wandering spirits have sometimes approached me for assistance in seeking a passage to the Light and this has further validated for me that the consciousness continues to exist beyond the physical body. Being a Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University and holding an Advance Diploma in Multimedia, my thoughts were nowhere around the work I now do. I was going to make a mark in the multimedia industry and worked in that field too. But when the visits and random spirit episodes kept on growing I knew I had a different calling.