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You are not here by chance. You have chosen to learn and grow through some lessons and these lessons become the purpose for your life on Earth. What are these? Why are you here? Are you living your Life Purpose? Living your Life Purpose not only helps you stay on track with your spiritual pursuits but it is also important because one life affects many. What you have chosen to do can and will have consequences in your life and in the lives of those around you. Find out where you are headed, with this unique reading. Some people have elaborate purposes while some are here only to enjoy a simple life on earth. Why are you here?


If you are seeking answers to such questions and more then, BOOK A READING to find out. After booking the session, please allow us 24hrs to reach back to you with a good time for your reading. All readings will be offered online via Zoom/Gmeet. Please make sure you have a smooth internet connection and access to audio and video for the session. If you do not show up for the scheduled reading then no refund is made. The host/reader is not responsible for the time lost in late connection or dropped connections from your end. Please make sure you arrive 5 minutes before the appointment for the reading to begin in time.  


GIFT A READING. If you would like a loved one to benefit from this reading and come out from a mind boggling problem in life then you can purchase this reading for them and share the details with them. Helping someone is Good Karma.


Each Session Duration - 30 mins. Energy Exchange: INR 7500